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Organized,experienced teachers with passion help successful learning.
Steve Zirkler's been a career teacher since 1982.  Since relocating from Tokyo to Surfers Paradise in 2004, Steve's been teaching & playing live music on the Gold Coast.
He tutors from his Central Surfers Paradise studio & also in Bonogin.
He plays a variety of styles & instruments including banjo, ukulele, harmonica, bass, keyboard, mandolin and recorder. Guitar & voice are his specialties.
He has formal teaching qualifications (Bachelor Of Teaching, Bachelor Of Education) & is an accredited member of Queensland College Of Teachers holding a Blue Card. (working with children Police Check)
Fees are payable in advance, 4 weeks for private lessons, 8 for group. Fees become payable on the last lesson if pupils wish to continue. Unfortunately a time cannot be held for a pupil if fees are not in advance.
As music is Steve's job, pupils who are absent without prior arrangement  forfeit their week's fee.  As time set aside for your personal lesson  cannot be recovered, Steve regrettably cannot guarantee make-up lessons.
A Range Of Skills
No one can be all things to everyone. Steve has a broad range of skills and styles but advanced players should discuss their specific requirements.
Parents and friends are welcome to attend lessons. Steve wants you or your child to feel safe and comfortable so his policy is  always open door for parents. Parents may come in at any time without invite, students can bring a friend.
Additional Costs
Steve recommends a text as a start point & can provide a copy or you can organize your own. Steve produces several texts at beginner to intermediate level for a modest cost.
A commitment to collecting sheet music is very useful for effective learning. Although plenty of free material is available via internet these days, the quality of professionally produced material enhances learner's opportunities.
Steve also has  extensive files to supplement this.
Your Location Steve travels out to lessons for some clients, though there are extra charges involved.
Private Lessons
are $35 per half hour lesson. This time is generally sufficient to review past assignments & set new ones. Successful students always do something at home between lessons on most days.

Steve chooses a program to suit the individual needs of the student, blending theory with practical. Note-reading is encouraged.

A typical lesson could contain:-  review of previous lesson points, some note reading, a popular song for chording & riffing , an exercise for physical development, improvising from a rule plus something for fun & interest.

Besides popular music, Steve uses the Trinity Program from London which has a wide balance of contemporary, folk & classic pieces for reading skills. It includes sight reading, scales, technical development and viva voce.  Steve also use components of AMEB's Contemporary Popular Music program. Steve teaches accompaniment for the voice, music technology, including computer-based recording, midi-based recording and editing, programming and use of FX, PAs, amplifiers and improvisation skills. As Steve has other instruments, knowledge of bass, ukulele, keyboard, banjo, mandolin, violin, harmonica and drums may be shared as appropriate.

Call or Text Steve 0422 056 671.
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Extended Lessons
45 min. to one hour lessons are available. Longer lessons may suit pupils who find it difficult to set aside regular practice time because of  busy schedules. Other more advanced students can extend their skills and playing experiences to include songwriting skills and recording time.

Group Lessons 
are  economical, though you trade off getting less personal attention. As a kid Steve particularly enjoyed  weekly experience playing music with a professional. This level of attention would not be possible in a group lesson.
Without doubt, some individuals thrive within groups  & many prefer the social context & collaboration that  group lessons offer.
Steve regularly leads group lessons, currently at  Miami State School (20-30 guitar students) beginning in 2013 & continuing into 2015.
He invites any other interested schools, institutions or just a group of friends who might like to start a low cost/student program to contact him for discussion.
If private lessons aren't within your budget, find an interested friend and you can share a time slot, at a slightly higher charge to account for extra materials.
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